• 1:1 Coaching Discovery Call
  • 1:1 Coaching Discovery Call

1:1 Coaching Discovery Call

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Book your discovery call to work with Elise in a 1:1 online coaching capacity to help ignite your confidence, work through limiting beliefs, find clarity, and create the life of your dreams. Feel motivated and empowered, whilst being held accountable so you don't fall off track using neuro-linguistic programming. We can change the way we think, feel, and behave by changing our focus – because where focus goes, energy flows.

All sessions are online via Zoom.

This discovery call will allow us to unpack where you are currently needing support in your life, and if we are an aligned fit.

Neuro-linguistic programming studies the ways our thoughts affect our behaviour. It looks at the ways our brains interpret the signals they receive and how these interpretations affect what we do. It does this through language – the linguistic part of neuro-linguistic programming techniques. By examining how our brains process information, NLP techniques help us to look at our thoughts, feelings, and emotions as things that we can control, rather than things that passively happen to us.
NLP is a behavioural method that uses the power of reframing to help people overcome their limiting beliefs.

Who Is This For?

Men & women who are wanting to make a change in their life. To release things holding you back to feel enlightened, motivated & driven. For those who are ready to put in the work!

Benefits of Breathwork

- Increased energy
- Better sleep
- Reduced stress & anxiety
- Pain Management
- Improved focus
- Enhanced creativity
- Improved performance
- Balanced Nervous System
- Detoxification
- Stronger Immune System
- Trauma Integration
- Deeper awareness of self
- Relaxation
- Bonding & Connection
- Boost In Morale.


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